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Rent Propane Fire Rings and Propane Tank
Propane Fire Ring $15/day, 11lb Propane Tank $30/tank, One Time Damage/security Deposit $155. First payment should be $200

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Propane Fire Rings are permitted during the fire ban

Terms and Conditions


- Price: Propane Fire Ring $15/day, 11lb Propane Tank $30/tank, One Time Damage/security Deposit $155 

- Return of the Refundable Deposit is subject to the return of the Propane Fire Ring, the Propane Tank and all related attachments/accessories in their original condition. 50% of the deposit will be deducted for any minor damages to the items and a 100% deduction will be made for major damages or lost items.

- No refunds will be made for any propane remaining in the tank (even if its full and not used) at the time of the return of the tank

- Its the customer's responsibility to pick up the items from the Park Operator's facility and to return them back to the facility

- Not returning the items or leaving them at your campsite or any other location will lead to the loss of 100% refundable deposit

- You may use the equipment at your own risk

- Never leave the fire unattended

- Maintain a safe distance and always supervise children

- Extinguish the fire properly and completely

- Before returning the equipment please make sure that the fire ring is cold and the propane tank is closed properly and completely

- Failure to comply with the above instruction will lead to the denial/retrieval of the equipment without any refund

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